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#184478 Posted at 2015-12-13 06:45        
I have Isla Duala enabled and currently am editing a mission on it.

I have an identity I wanted to set on someone. I added a cop and set his identity in the initialization field: jakos setIdentity "Cpt_Prinsloo";. My Description.ext file went into the ArmA 2 folder in Documents where the user-saved mission and the 'missions' folder are at.

My CfgIdentities file contains the following:

class CfgIdentities
class Cpt_Prinsloo
name="Cpt. Prinsloo";

Every time I run the mission, even after reloading the mission file or exiting/entering the editor to accept those changes, ends up making sure that Captain Prinsloo is shown as "Cop (M9 Pistol)", not "Cpt. Prinsloo".

I hope someone would help correct what I did wrong.