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Armaholic Subscription system

Thank you for reading this page with information about the Armaholic Subscription system.

To improve the service we provide to the Arma community we have decided to start the Armaholic Subscription system.
The Armaholic Subscription system offers those who choose to subscribe to our website some additional features which are not available to or website guests and normal members:
  • Download speeds:
    • Guests:
      • The slowest downloadspeed
    • Members:
      • Higher downloadspeeds than guests
    • Subscriber:
      • The highest downloadspeeds
  • News stream:
    • Guests and Members:
      • A limited newsstream. You will continue to find new and updated releases but some items in the newsstream will be hidden. You can still access the actuall downloadpage of course, but you can not see the news!
    • Subscriber:
      • The full newsstream, including Workshop releases and updates, will be available to you.
  • Find content by date:
    • Guests and Members:
      • Not able to search through our file lists by date.
    • Subscriber:
      • Can search through our file lists by date to find all new and updated releases easily.

What does the Armaholic subscription cost:
There are two different subscriptions available, monthly and annually.
The monthly subscription costs €7 euro and the annual subscription costs €75 euro.

Future additions:
We are planning to release more additional subscriber only features on our website in the future. Currently we are thinking about a subscriber only RSS, subscribing to pages, newsletters and more.

Where to subscribe:
Please make sure you are registered here on Armaholic and add your username to subscribe selection form!
When you do not add your username to the subscription form and we can also not find your data in our database we can not upgrade your account properly!
This means as a subscriber you need to be logged in to be able to use the subscription services.
You can choose the preferred subscription and pay it through paypal.
When you do not use paypal and also have no intention to use it but still want to become a subscriber you can sent Foxhound a and additional options can be discussed.

You can subscribe on this page.

Content creators:
PayPal / Patreon:
Authors are allowed to add donate links to the downloadpages here on Armaholic. When you have a paypal or a patreon donation account simply contact us and sent us the links. We will add those to all your content pages.

Author subscriber system:
We are also working on a subscriber sytem for content creators.
The project is still being developed but close to be activated. We first wanted to introduce the new newsstream and track if it all works well and than add additional features to it.

What the Author subscriber system means is simple.
Anyone who creates material and releases it for the community to use will be eligible (we have to activate the feature on a per author case to make sure it will not be abused) to recieve free 30 days subscriptions. It will be renewed without limits as long as the content creator updates and/or releases (new) material.

We reserve the right to not upgrade your account, no matter if you release something, for specific (but obvious) reasons!

Disagree with this as a content creator?
Although we hope this is not the case and you will allow us to do this to be able to improve our service which we have provided you and the entire community with for free for many years we understand some of you might have questions about this or maybe even object the Armaholic Subscription system. You can always contact us to talk things over and learn how we use this system to make things better for everyone.
When you really do not like the fact we provide paying subscribers with additional website feaatures you can inform us and let us know you object our approach. We will than simply not mirror your work but link to outside sources so people can still find the content here but have to go elsewhere to download.

You are free to dislike our subscription system as how you are free to use our website, our services and our bandwidth. When you do not like the subscription system nobody forces you to use it and you can simply continue using our website as you have done all those years we have made sure you could use it without forcing you to do anything or expecting anything in return.
But when you choose to not support our work you are enjoying all we ask is that you do not complain about it.

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