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#184503 Posted at 2015-12-13 21:08        
# 654wak654 : I don't know why it's not working, everything seems to be in order. You can try to change his face and name with the setFace and setName commands instead.

jakos setFace "Face26";
jakos setName "Cpt. Prinsloo";

It's working. I saw Face26 when I placed different units. They all showed 'Face26' every time the mission loaded; that means it's working.

# W0lle : I think you misunderstood the setIdentity command.

The "Cop (M9 Pistol)" is the description for the unit given by the addon maker. It will never change, no matter what you try because it's in the config of the addon.

With setIdentity you only can overwrite:
- The random name given to the unit (shown in dialogues, chats etc)
- The Face and glasses
- The voice and pitch

Ah, gotcha, W0lle. So that's what setIdentity was for. I assumed that once you changed the identity, the unit description naturally changes. Unfortunately, that's not the case. :P I have checked again to see if the face showed up in any unit I selected. For every unit that I picked, they went with Face26 so that's showing me it's working as intended.

# Pierre MGI : This should work. I'm using also cfgIdentities in description.ext and setIdentity in init field of units.
Just be sure face26 is an existing face in cfgFaces (accessible from config viewer in editor).

How does one access the config viewer in the Editor? I already have the BIS Wiki on bookmark to check for ArmA 2/OA faces so I could check there and pick any face.