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#184767 Posted at 2015-12-26 17:06        
We would like to thank all of you who have joined the Armaholic Subscription system! Your support is very much appreciated.

We must admit that the amount of people, so far, willing to become a subscriber to help us provide a better service is really a huge suprise and once again we would like to thank you and we hope soon we will be able to serve you better.

Soon a new server?
As a first step we have decided to buy a new file server for all the subscribing members much earlier than we have promised to do as layed out on the Armaholic Subscription System info page (see goals).
Of course deciding to buy a new server early will have a few downsides, specially on hardware but the current amount of subscribers will allow us to buy a decent server with good enough specs to serve your needs. And, while you enjoy better performance we hope more and more people will join which will simply lead to us being able to add better hardware and better lines.

This does not mean we will buy the new server today, tomorrow or the day after but we for now we set the goal at 100+ subscribers!
Currently there are 69 subscribers.
You can track the total number of subscribers at the bottom of this page. And yes, you might wonder why I set the goal at 100 while there already are 125 subscribers listed there, well that is simply because I gave all donators we have had since 2006 6 months free as a thank you for their supportin the past years. The total amount of donators we have had is 65 since 2006 (yeah, not so many indeed, see for yourself) and also a few subscribers have not sent us their accountname so the numbers might not add up fully but I am on top of it with the database, excell sheets and paypal reports!

Any subscriber can use this entire forum section to ask questions and/or leave feedback about it.

The general public is able to read this forum section but is not able to post here!
Any non-subscriber can ask questions about the Armaholic Subscription system in this topic!