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#184877 Posted at 2015-12-30 20:52        
Thank you for the preview! Looks cool indeed!

# W0lle : As you can see, the headbands need some work. They are too thin and edged. Eventually you could use the headbands from the BI sample NVGs and use them instead.

I've tried many units , not all of them cause some have dedicated heads ( like Black Ops ), so i wasn't sure they could work with all of them.
BIS NVG is very different , it works at different heights , so i don't think he will be useful.
I'll try to make a more poly version of the headbands, with more vertices , so it will be more "round" to fit the head.

# W0lle : Yeah I know that you only have to change the proxy name, still it has to be done a hundred times with all the many units there are now. Could be done with Mikero's Tools eventually, but I'm not sure if they don't screw the models up since he doesn't update the free tools anymore and I sure as hell will not pay him to provide a free Mod.

I understand , my only concern was if it could work or not.

# W0lle : Not sure if I want to add another boomstick but as always, I can change my mind quickly so feel free to pass me the mlod and textures if you want. :-)

No problem,i think i will release it once it's done.

If there are some model of anything you need ( no vehicles :( ) please tell me.

Added 1 hour 15 minutes later:

I've made now new headbands. more poly and double faces.
I've also scaled down a bit the PVS itself.

Check the new p3d!

Hope it works!

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