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#184975 Posted at 2016-01-02 19:56        
GLT Mod Extended Update to 1.04

The main focus of the update is a complete rework of the ChDkz units.

  • changed: some displaynames of the group classes
  • changed: ChDkz uniforms 1 - 4 have been replaced
  • changed: cargo loadout of ChDkz vehicles
  • changed: ChDkz backpacks are now inheriting from RHS backpacks
  • changed: cargo loadout of ChDkz backpacks
  • new: GLT: Winter Soldiers Part 2
  • new: GLT: IS Raid
  • new: GLT: Eye of the Tiger
  • new: GLT: Operation Skyfall
  • new: cfgGroups GLT_MEA_MotInf_Team and GLT_MEA_MotInf_Truck
  • new: cfgGroups GLT_TankPlatoon_W
  • new: ChDkz uniforms 5 - 7 have been created
  • fixed: all vests config has been reworked
  • fixed: all helmets config has been reworked
  • fixed: incorrect classname in ChDkz cfgGroups
  • fixed: GLT: Operation Desert Comb - task 1 could not be solved
  • removed: ChDkz backpack models (port of Arma 2)
  • removed: ChDkz uniforms 1-4 (port of Arma 2)
  • updated: all backpacks mod config value has been applied
  • updated: all vehicles are now available in virtual garage
  • updated: CDF vests have been applied to the CDF arsenal template

If you want, you can track the progress on this link!

The download link in the 1st post of this thread has been updated!

PS: The GLT Mod Extended is available for download on Steam too!

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