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#185248 Posted at 2016-01-12 17:11        
Hi all,I'm new to modding Arma 3, but I'm getting into it as I see some fantastic results on the lets plays on YouTube. At the moment I'm trying to add Zombies to the Dynamic Universal War System by kibot and have them roam around the map randomly. This is supposed to make it look like a formerly densly inhabited area was infected by a virus, which turned them into zombies and solves the issue that I have on most maps, that there are very few encounters and events.

I have been playing around with Ryans Zombies and Daemons, which has a fantastic spawner, but I am looking for some elegant and automated way to place spawners near towns and have them wander off in random directions from there. As I was told, this requires triggers, bc having to load 600 zombies all at once would impact my performance. As you can tell this is not purely a scripting issue but since I dont yet know the possibilities of what I can do with the editor in Arma 3 and therefore cant define a desired outcome very well I need your help.