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#185491 Posted at 2016-01-20 10:01        
Hmmm, over 40 hours of file uploading directly from the public server to the new server (so full speed) .....
I think we are hosting a lot, really a lot of files. Thanks to all those mod makers, mission editors and scripters!

Please standby for some longer. Setting things up is almost done, and of course we need to wait till all the files are there.

Added 6 hours 28 minutes later:

The file transfer has been done.
I am now performing the last few settings and than the server will be ready to serve your requests.
I am pretty sure (hoping) somewhere this evening (CET) the server will start hosting files for subscribers.

Added 6 hours 3 minutes later:

And like the end something goes wrong.

We have met an issue and after trying for the whole evening to fix it we have to call it a night now. So, sadly we cant release the subscriber server just yet.
Sorry for the delay!

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