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#185558 Posted at 2016-01-23 10:19        
# proftournesol : If unzipping a file with one of the most common tools around is a "limitation" to your modding, you're going to have huge problems to actually modding this game :-D

I do have major Problems modding this game because I need two zipping programs. Story of my life. I'm always getting Donald ducked upon. Lots of folks are surpise I have shot myself yet.

Added 1 minute later:

# Big : No way 7zip limits your "modding".

I have only 7zip on my computers at least since 2006.

Unlike many other programs this is free and does all the job for me.

The only tricky part is that once you have 7zip installed, you have to look for the launcher (7zip file manager) and do right-click and select open as admin.

Now you can go to Options and in the System Tab select all the file formats to be associated with 7zip. Apply and exit. Now 7zip should be your default program for opening any compressed file.

If you do not open the program as admin and you do this, the settings won't be saved so after you exit you will end that no file association was saved.

Thanks good sir.