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#185589 Posted at 2016-01-24 08:00        
Greetings Armaholics,
I have built a modded ARMA3 server using Chernarus map (CUP_terrains_core (and _maps)).
I am using ACE3 and ALiVE mods...

The complete mod list

The server was working prior to adding ADF.

1. I have tried to add @adf ADF Uncut but unfortunately the ALiVE respawn system stopped working. (I was using the insertion via helicopter).

2. Additionally, the play withsix version of @adf did not properly download (about half the pbo's read 0 Bytes), so I downloaded the armaholic version.

Does anyone have any experience or advice with these two problems? As I would really like to get the ADF mod working with ACE3 and ALiVE.

Lastly, are the ADF Uncut mod developers going to add an officer skin?

Thanks in advance.