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#185618 Posted at 2016-01-25 18:34        
Hiya Max,

I posted this in the main RSS feed (as did you), but I thought it was probably useful to post my issue here as well in case someone looking here knows a bit more than I do and can help. Anyway, my post follows...

I would love to use your mod when making my own zeus missions, but whenever I try to place a Zeus module in the editor I get the following error message:

No entry 'config.bin/CfgVehicles/ModuleCurator_F/Arguments/Addond/Values/All.default'

I've tried adding and removing all my mods individually and it only appears to be your mod that causes this problem. I'm running v1.2 of your mod. Any ideas?

Best wishes,

Kanny :)

PS: I've also tried validating my game files via steam and have ensured that everything is up to date.