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#186053 Posted at 2016-01-31 02:17        
Hi there. I'm making adjustments to the respawn mechanincs of a PvP bomb defusal mission I have recently made. Originally I only used
Respawn = 4 and
respawn templates[]={"ace spectator"}
Meaning that a player only has one life, and upon death they enter the ace spectator mode. Which worked fine
My issue now is that I am trying to use the "MenuInventory" respawn template as well so players can spawn in and select a pre defined loadout. This means I have to change to respawn = "Base". Which gives players unlimited lives and does not force them into the spectator mode.
Originally I could call the spectate function when a player dies, but the "MenuInventory" kills and respawns the player at the beginning of the mission, which would lead to the player going straight to spectator mode.
Any help is GREATLY appreciated