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#186056 Posted at 2016-01-31 05:01        
Yea unfortunately it doesnt work. respawn on start = -1 will not call the menu inventory function. But when you die, it calls both the menuinventory template AND the onplayerrespawn. Bohemia is stupid for making the Menuinventory function require the player be killed first to use it.

An alternative is to just use a loadout script that isn't bohemia's MenuInventory and just put it on an object. But there arent ANY out there that have predefined loadouts that tell you what is part of that loadout. I dont want to use something like the virtual arsenal becuase people stuff around and take too long when deciding what weapons and other objects they want.

I just want a loadout script that says. These are loadouts a b and c. This is what is in a b and C. No changing