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#186059 Posted at 2016-01-31 06:12        
Confirmed, checked the MenuInventory config on cfgRespawnTemplates and it indeed executes said function.

A method would be to 'fake' that revive system is on, as you can see there's an if command with exitWith if that happens on top. Another method would be to find the GUI entry and force it to disable.

It executes BIS_fnc_showRespawnMenu. Found an interesting line of code:

	(uinamespace getvariable ["RscDisplayRespawn_display",displaynull]) closedisplay -1;

Might or might not work, i'm not good at GUIs.

Added 3 minutes later:

Maybe you could call BIS_fnc_respawnMenuInventory as code in between the waitUntil and delete MenuInventory template on description.ext.

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