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#186815 Posted at 2016-02-23 07:50        
# Tajin :
// nul = [this] execVM "nearestBpos.sqf"
_unit = _this select 0;
_building = nearestBuilding _unit;

_odist = 99999;
_i = 0;
_sel = 0;

while { (_building buildingPos _i) distance [0,0,0] > 0 } do {
	_dist = (_building buildingPos _i) distance _unit;
	if (_dist < _odist) {
		_sel = _i;
		_odist = _dist;
	_i = _i + 1;

_unit setPos _building buildingPos _sel;
_unit setUnitPos "UP";

Here is another old snipped that is very easy to use. It doesn't fill a house but it automatically places an object at the nearest available building position.

Though this probably isn't that useful anymore, now that we have 3DEN. ^^
Oh heck it is, Eden is amazing, hell yes.
But if you really want to make a big mision you need to script them in otherwise you lagging u *ss off. cheers

# Pierre MGI : I discovered recently, nearestBuilding doesn't work for edited buildings (all maps) or the embedded houses on Unsung map. I don't know the behavior with the other modded maps.
So, I had to write:

_building = nearestObject [_unit,"house"];
instead of
_building = nearestBuilding _unit;

And this helped by the fact a wall isn't a house but a building, so you don't want to spawn something at every walls!. Small objects like small transmission tower (looking like a pole) remains houses (and buildings of course)...

This is why it didn't work everywhere...
aiight thankS! :D

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