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#187947 Posted at 2016-03-06 03:18        
I am working on a mission where a convoy of striders is driving from the main Airport to the offices in Pyrgos. They need to drive in close proximity single file so the only real option was to use BIS_fnc_unitPlay.

My first issue is the wheels drag on the ground when unitPlay is playing. On asphalt/concrete they create a very annoying screeching noise. If you allow the driver to move (i.e. don't execute 'driver vehicle disableAI "MOVE"') and the player is in the commander seat, they can command the AI to drive forward ('w' key by default I believe). This will absolve the screeching noise for that vehicle. My issue is that I don't want to make the player do that for the strider they are in. I haven't been able to find a way to script that. If anyone knows how to get the wheels moving or in sqf issue a command forward, that would be much appreciated.

My second issue is that all the AAF crew in the striders slouch over like they are dead. I have double checked, they are not indeed dead, they still play idle animations in the chairs. They just appear slouched over doing their thing. This is pretty immersion breaking as they are driving well at high speed in close formation while staring at their crotch and not the road. :p Does anyone have any clue on what could be causing this? I haven't seen it crop up anywhere else.

If you need more information or I was unclear about something let me know.