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#187976 Posted at 2016-03-06 16:50        
@BroBeans: I had a 'getout' waypoint at the area where the units disembark. I tried putting a move waypoint right before that. Unfortunately it didn't solve the issue. Is there a way to spoof player keyboard interaction? If not is there a way to redirect a sound file for 1 mission via sqf (in the mission)?

@Pierre: I have tried using waypoints and they mess up big time. The convoy has to wait at the airport for the player to arrive and then start out. I have to have them start lined up which they hate. If I disable AI movement, as soon as its re-enabled, they take a while to realign and break formation to reline themselves up. There are also leading and trailing APCs that break off from the convoy just before the destination. And the last big roadblock to waypoints is (no pun intended) a road block that they have to navigate. (The type where you have to zig zag through concrete barriers). The last two, issues (APCs and roadblock) I could remove, but I can't get them to line up properly with waypoints at the beginning and end and that really is essential for this part of the mission. Unfortunately I need Unitplay in this instance.

Thank you both for the speedy reply. Any other ideas?