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#187983 Posted at 2016-03-06 20:01        
You'd need a mod to override collision sounds for the Strider.

Unit play is a half-assed system made back in OA for one littlebird insertion. Just use waypoints and understand that Arma doesn't have the AI control other videogames do. They will assess the situation with whatever brain they got and act as they see fit. Also why whould your convoy need to be really tightly close and not in a File or Column? That's not safe.

Sometimes I like to think as I started the whole "earplugs" thing.

W0lle: The only advice I can give you is: Do not try to understand BI. You will not succeed and it only makes your brain go boom. I would even go so far and say that not even they understand their own actions :-D.

#define getDamage getDammage