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Advanced Towing Released!

Adds support for towing vehicles using ropes. Works in both SP and MP. Watch the video for directions.

Also check out my Advanced Sling Loading addon for more rope features!


- Tow other vehicles behind Ships, Cars, Trucks and Tanks
- The size of the vehicle impacts it's towing capability
- Other players (including AI) can tow other players
- Supports towing damaged / destroyed vehicles
- Supports towing "trains" of vehicles (disabled by default - see below)


1. Subscrive via steam: or dowload latest release from
2. If installing this on a server, add the addon to the -serverMod command line option
3. Optionally, this can be installed directly in the mission PBO by calling the advanced towing script via initServer.sqf. You'll find the sqf script (fn_advancedTowingInit.sqf) in the addons directory inside the downloaded addon.

Default Towing Rules:

- Tanks can tow tanks, cars, ships and air
- Cars can tow cars, ships and air
- Trucks can tow cars, ships and air
- Ships can only tow ships
- You can't tow locked vehicles (see settings below)
- You can only tow one vehicle at a time (see settings below)

Notes for Mission Makers:

You can enable "trains" of vehicles by defining the SA_MAX_TOWED_CARGO varible in your init.sqf file. By default, this is set to 1. When set, vehicles can tow up to the max number of specified vehicles. If you try to tow more, your vehicle won't be able to move. Note, however, mass of all vehicles will be taken into account. It's going to be slower to two vehicles vs one.


You can customize which classes of objects can "deploy" tow ropes by overriding the SA_TOW_SUPPORTED_VEHICLES_OVERRIDE variable in an init.sqf file.


This will only allow objects of class Air and Ship deploy tow ropes

You can customize what can and can't be towed by defining the SA_TOW_RULES_OVERRIDE variable in the init.sqf file.

SA_TOW_RULES_OVERRIDE = [ ["Air", "CAN_TOW", "Ship"], ["Air", "CAN_TOW", "Air"], ["Ship", "CANT_TOW", "Air"], ["Ship", "CAN_TOW", "Ship"] ];

In this example, all objects of class Air can tow Ships and Air. However, Ships can only tow ships.

You can allow towing of locked vehicles by defining SA_TOW_LOCKED_VEHICLES_ENABLED in your init.sqf file. It defaults to false.


You can allow towing in an Exile safe zone by defining SA_TOW_IN_EXILE_SAFEZONE_ENABLED in your init.sqf file. It default to false.


Not working on your server?

Make sure you have the mod listed in the -mod or -serverMod command line option. Only -serverMod is required for this addon. If still not working, check your server log to make sure the addon is found.


This addon is only required on the server - is it going to slow down my server?

No - while this addon is server-side only, it installs itself on all clients without them downloading the addon. Most of the time, the towing code actually runs client-side, even though you installed the addon only on the server. Magic!

Why is the vehicle I'm towing jumpy/laggy?

If you're towing a vehicle that another player is driving, it's slower to transmit position updates for the towed vehicle. This will result in laggy looking towing. Have the player move to the passenger seat and then re-attach the tow ropes.

Also, when using this in MP, all other players watching someone tow something will also notice the towed vehicle isn't moving as smoothly. This is also due to network delay. Usually this isn't too noticeable unless moving very fast.

Issues & Feature Requests

If anyone wants to help fix any of these, please let me know. You can fork the repo and create a pull request.

Special Thanks for Testing:

- Stay Alive Tactical Team (
- BI forum community: diesel tech jc, TeTeT, belbo
- Crimson Gaming for testing on exile (
- DirtySanchez & XLD ( for his great ideas & work to make this functional with Exile

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