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I really like McNools Tier One Operator AddOn but I think me and a lot of people cant see deserts anymore since everything takes place there nowadays. So I'd like to request a Tier One set for Chernarus and similar locations.

Since Red Harvest takes place in 2009 I would like the units to have gear that fits into this time. For the lists I took a close look at SOFD-D in the early ‘00s. Since Delta used HK416s in this time the units should use RHGs 416s and for Marksmen the 417s from this pack.

There should be three classes.

-CQB/Direct Action

Those units should wear light gear and be in full camo. Here the units should use silences rifles.

Boonie, Cap or Bandana
RAID BDU in woodland
Paraclete Rack vest + Paraclete Pouches in Smoke Green

Those would probably be the “heavy” units. Full combat attire with body armor and helmet.

MICH 2002 helmets
RAID BDU in Woodland or Crye AC apparel in Multicam
Paraclete RAV + Paraclete Pouches in Smoke Green

This units are to operate near civillians without being easily identified as combatants. Therefore MP5s, PDWs and Glocks would make the most sense. Maybe also local civilian weapons such as shotguns.

Here they should wear mostly clothes used by the Russians/Chernarus population in a mix with military clothing such as ECWCS fleece jackets, BDU pants, OD cargo pants.