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#189145 Posted at 2016-04-15 03:10        
Hello ArmA II Players!

I have run into a few issues since I have installed ACE2. I have resorted to a fresh install and have removed all other mods that could possibly conflict with it. However, no matter what I do, these problems persist.

The first issue is that certain vehicles, specifically the T-90, Abrams Variants and Bradley Variants, will not have any of their main armament ammunition loaded. I go to an ACE MTVR to resupply only to be shown that the M256, M242 and 2A46 have an ammunition capacity of 0/0. I cannot figure this out and it has become quite annoying since I love the more immersive/realistic environment of ACE but cannot use any of the said vehicles unless I just want my coaxial machinegun.

Anyway, the second issue is that I cannot place any explosive ordinance. Satchel charges, mines, ACE custom mines, anything. The items show up in my inventory but I cannot switch to them at all. Again, quite problematic when I am playing certain missions.

I hope you guys have an answer to this issue. I would really love to continue using ACE2 but, if this persists, I am going to have to remove it. Anyway, thank you guys!

- Holy