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#189765 Posted at 2016-05-17 07:48        
I've been trying to add a reskinned FV-720 Mora to a mod I am working on but when I start up the game to test it it tells me "Undefined class base 'I_APC_tracked_03_cannon_F'". I am using the class base from the community wiki so I don't know why I am having problems. Am I using the right class? If not then what should I be using? And if I am posting this in the wrong thread I am sorry.

Here is the config I am using for the Mora (FV1998 is the reskinned Mora):
    class FV1988_OD: I_APC_tracked_03_cannon_F 
        faction = "Carolinian_Army"; //Faction
        vehicleclass = "Armored"; //Group Class
        displayName = "FV1988 Draco (W)"; //Ingame name
        crew = "CARPAT_W_crew","CARPAT_W_crew","CARPAT_W_crew";
        hiddenSelections[] = {"camo1","camo2"};
        hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"Carolinian_Army\Data\dracoapc_ext_co.paa","Carolinian_Army\Data\dracoapc_ext2_co.paa"};
        class TransportItems //Cargo Items
            class _xx_Medikit //Item Classname
                name = "Medikit";
                count = 2; //amount
            class _xx_FirstAidKit //Item Classname
                name = "FirstAidKit";
                count = 10; //amount
            class _xx_arifle_mas_hk416_e //Item Classname
                name = "HK416";
                count = 5; //amount
            class _xx_30Rnd_mas_556x45_Stanag //Item Classname
                count = 30; //amount