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#190309 Posted at 2016-06-17 17:56        
Hey guys I´m new here this is my first try to make a mod for Arma 3.

When I saw the new upcoming clothesskins for Apex of the NATO-Pacific faction I thout this camo is not very useful in a jungle like Tanoa. To bright and shiny -.-
So I thoug I´ll make a reskin for alls the clothes, backpacks, vests, and headgears.
At the moment I have two kind of selfmade Woodlandcamo-Skins and the NATO-Woodlandcamo of BI which you can find in your own data like the Vanilla MTP-Skins.

Please tell me what do you think about my skins, and tell me your wishes or ideas.

My problem is I don´t know about how to make a whole mod or a script. I can make Skins but no Mods so I need your help, if you want to help me with the mod or want to tell me how to script and change skins of a faction plase contact me under this thread or via Steam ( ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ||| Troxin ). (Vanilla Woodland camo by BI) (Jungle-Reskin 1) ( Jungle-Reskin 2)

sorry for links and not pictrues but I don´t understand how tho put in a picture *WALL*

If I´m in the wrong forum please tell me

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