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#190565 Posted at 2016-07-01 00:43        
I was able to figure out how to make the code I posted apply to all units earlier, actually. :P

{[_x] execVM "ACE_automedic.sqf"} forEach allUnits;

A very simple init. However, as I largely got what I wanted - self-healing AI - I have two very complicated issues I have no idea on how to solve.

- Is there a way to somehow use the altered script I made in post 5 to give extra abilities to actual medics? Right now it works that upon every unit, they have the basic medical ability to self-heal. I was wondering if there was a way to make the medic class in-game somehow special, to give them additional healing potential.

- This code does not cause the unit to use their own ACE medical items, which potentially can break realism. Essentially, the code as it is allows infinite heals of the AI, and I have zero idea on how to make them actually use the bandages and morphine every unit is given at init in ACE; that code is essentially letting them heal values in an animation, but not use any item, making it an unlimited use situation. I get what I wanted on one hand, but I've now made the AI kind of OP in that so long as they are alive, they can heal themselves. I would greatly like someone to help me figure that out.

EDIT: A weird oddity I am finding with this script is that this also applies to me, as a human player. This means the game will actually stop me to do this. Now I guess I gotta figure out how to change that, too...

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