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#190807 Posted at 2016-07-16 12:49        

How do I combine the two games with Steam?

I have already downloaded both games. Redownloading them would take too long with my slow (1MB/sec) internet. Is there a way to combine both into Combined Operations and install mods afterwards without downloading? I'm sorry, but all the other threads either have redownloading invovled, are too confusing for me or they only have answers to one of my questions and don't answer another (I am not new to computing and Steam, but the answers I find seem unique to how to my knowledge of installing mods into games). I also own the BAF, PMC, and the AOTCR DLCs, so, if it is possible to combine those too, help is appreciated.

How do I install the mods and use them after I finsihed combining the two games?

The original games are fun and all, but I intend to play mods to enhance my experience (and play different gameplay). Once I have combined the two games, how do I install the mods? It would be preferable if I could switch from the mods to the original.

Thank you for answering!