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Partisan Action

Play as partisan female sharpshooter Sofia Synetós and provide fire support while an attack on a enemy village.
This is just small simple mission, where I tested how things work in ArmA 3 compared to ArmA 2. It was originaly designed to be part of a campaign, that tooks place before The East Wind story, but, then I found out, that there are at least 3 campaigns with this theme already, so I canceled the project. Hope some people can have fun with it, the way it is.

-You play as female partisan sharpshooter.
-Fully voice acted. Most of it is dubbed by me, the rest is just text-to-speech program, as it would not be good only with my voice.
-Small intro cutscene.
-Custom notification icons.
-You can select from some weapons before mission.


Known issues:
-An error pops up in the mission briefing. It started to occure since I removed sound mod and even though I tryed to resolve this problem with several ways, I just can’t get rid of it.
-Music does not want to play when shooting starts (a bug related to the problem above??).
Oather, than that the mission works fine.

Extract the .7z file into your ArmA 3 Missions folder.

FEMAL3 Standalone
Recomanded Addons:
Realistic Damage Coefficient