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#191288 Posted at 2016-08-15 17:34        
Okay, here's a test version of the whole package!

I'll add official release once I get couple things solved, like for example; if mission maker uses this "mod", is it required for clients to join the game? +Couple things in the module framework.

Feel free to test! Download and extract to Arma3 -directory. Start Arma3 and add it as local mod. Then you should have 7 new modules when you open up editor.

  • Classes Module
  • Extra module to limit units and vehicles. Just drag and drop, double click to adjust settings and synchronize it to one of the five main modules.
  • Ambient Combat Module
  • Adds Ambient Combat arount itself / synced unit / playable units. If you use clean up and want to prevent somekind of vehicles / units to get deleted, you need to
    _saveThisUnit setVariable ["LV_KEEP",true];
  • Fill House
  • Fills a building / buildings in defined radius with infantry units.
  • Militarize
  • Spawns AI to desired area.
  • Heli Paradrop
  • Spawns helicopter that flies to target area and drops paratroopers.
  • Reinforcement Chopper
  • Flies to target, lands to unload some infantry, and flies away.
  • Random Sectors
  • When synced to multiple game logics, it creates hostile sectors one by one and sets a 'Clear Area' task for you. Options for random reinforcements and more. This continues forever from random sector to another one, or until you execute
    LVSspots = nil;


Ambient Combat -

Fill House -

Militarize -

Heli Paradrop -

Reinforcement Chopper -

Random Sectors -

Editor users might find this handy as you can use triggers to activate / deactivate many things by synchronizing modules to trigger and player. Later on I will add some tutorials about this.

This includes also sqf-versions. To call them traditional way, refer to "\modules_km\LV\scriptName.sqf".
Some parameters have been changed a bit, I'll update documentation as soon as possible.

From v0.90 there's many improvements, like choppers landing correctly, AI placed much better in Militarize, some methods replaced with modern ones and so on. Also custom init is now a lot better as it can be used in editor, so no need to play around with extra quotes etc.
But I'll share more details once I get everything documented and tested some more.

There's probably not many AISSP users anymore due to the lack of updates during last couple years, but now when I finally got couple days for this, it's starting to remind a little bit about something I aimed for back in the day. :)

If you play around with Random Sectors and something goes wrong, like some AI is missing etc: in that mission base there's always max 4 groups of AI (unless if you add other modules or AI): LVgroup1, LVgroup2, LVgroup3 and LVgroup4 - you can get positions, count alive units etc by using these group names.

Need web sites & apps or video effects? I'll make 'em; ||