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#191444 Posted at 2016-08-29 20:12        
So I'm making a shooting range and I wanted some ambient ai shooting popup targets. So I set up an ai on my short range shooting rage, did some scripting and got him to shoot 2 targets with the following commands:

with -ai1 being the ai that's shooting
-target1 and 2 being the popup targets (at about 100m away)
-and he is using the spar 16
This script makes him shoot one and then the other 2 times with different times between the shots.

Then I went to my medium/long range firing range and tried the same thing. Here is the code I used:
with -sniper being the ei that's shooting
-sntg1 and 2 being the popuptargets (about 350-400m away)
-he's using the MAR-10 .338

And here is the problem, the sniper won't fire at the targets that are 350-400m away, he does targets them but doesn't shoot. (He is look from right to left without shooting).

Does anyone know what I should do to make the sniper shoot?

(forgot to mention, I'm not making this in vanilla arma, I'm using CBA, ACE (and 3den enhanced)

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