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I give you, the Sniper's Playground!

I'm working on this project alone, however as I progress the project, I will need help from other players, and any contributers will be credited accordingly unless they request not to be.

The Sniper's Playground is a multiplayer game mode I'm working on, set in the Kavala and Aggelochori areas for some enjoyable player vs player action, focused primarily on the role of the sniper. Players will spawn with a uniform, vest, silenced side-arm, low caliber sniper rifle(7.62) and will have to fight for domination as they get better weapons and accessories.

I aim to have this project up and running as soon as possible, however I am a university student and my main focus is my studies, so I may be interrupted. I estimate a week or less before launching a server.

As previously stated, it will be based on Altis in the Kavala and Aggelochori areas. The intended map is completely walled in so players cannot leave, however the area is still quite large and gives players freedom to choose where to go. If the mode gets enough interest, I'll consider expanding it to some of the greater areas to diversify gameplay.

Why, You ask? Well, I've played a fair amount of Exile, Epoch and Wasteland, and while fun, those missions involve a LOT of running around and generally not doing anything, so I wanted to eliminate that time wasting and give players an opportunity to jump into some sniping fun without wasting too much time running all over the place.

I'll be launching a server from my home computer here in Australia, initially. If the mode gets enough interest, I'll consider a dedicated server and a donation system so it can sustain itself. And don't worry, my computer will be able to handle 20-40 players on a server

"Will it require mods?"
NO! No mods will be required for this mode, just jump in, spawn in and start killing!

"Will you continue working on the mode?"
Yes, I aim to continue working on the game mode and adding to it over time, for example, adding a money system to reward player for their success, as well as a trader system to give players something to spend their money on. Don't worry, the traders won't be marked on the map, and there will be enough of them that players won't be able to camp them all. I also want to add a small mission feature to give some less pvp oriented players the opportunity to make a bit of money to get better equipment, but it won't reward as much as pvp will, so as to encourage pvp play.

When I launch this server, I will throw up a post and will need testers to attempt to break out of my walled map so I can improve it as best I can, so as to create a clean and finished game mode.

Let me know what you guys think! I want to build interest in this as much as I can, as I know I'm going to enjoy it, so I want other players to enjoy it too!

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