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I've been setting up an alternate campaign that follows the BI SP campaign, where the player plays as a Navy SEAL instead, starting out with being sent to Kamino for training. Once the AAF launch a suprise assault on the east coast of stratis, NATO retreat to Rogain, which happens to be under fire as well. After repelling AAF forces in the forest, a Ghost Hawk radios in for survivors to regroup for evac at Rogain. Everything works well, except for the helo evac part.

SEALs are divided into 2 teams of 4. So one team is all AI. Everything is set up so that the AI team has a move wp then a getin wp (which is attached to the helo). I've synced (I says set wp activation) helo load wp and SEALs getin wp up, according to tutorials. But when the helo arrives, the AI team turns and runs away for about 5 minutes. Then they return then board the helo. Why do they have to run away then back to board the helo?


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