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#196412 Posted at 2017-02-22 05:03        
The helo so far isn't the problem. Its the ground AI units, they turn and run once they are supposed to board the helo. THe helo lands and waits as I need, but the AI group boarding doesn't board, following their AI leader running away.
I'm thinking that when they get to the get in wp, the group runs to where the helo was when they received the get in order. The problem is that by the time they get there, the helo has landed at the extraction zone. So they run all the way back.
That is the only problem. I've tested outside of the mission as well. All unit behaviours were default in a non-combat environment.
Guess AI is just plain dumb retarded
I'm using custom units, I'll try with above tips and with BI units as well.

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