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Now, lets explain a little about the new news system which some of you are so dedicated negative about.
I did not plan to even share you this info but as I hear people are rallying others to share lies and false info about me and my website maybe I should share the info anyway so those who are actually interested in the truth have an actual place to find it.

Past actions:
For the last year I have been adding over a thousand releases or so to Armaholic of content which was released (anywhere). I have added that content without ever making news about it! That means, nobody ever was informed about it in the news.
One day I decided it would be a nice gesture to our subscribers to show those "hidden" releases to them in the news. Afterall, they are paying us for additional website features and supporting our work. So, why not give them a little extra?
So I did, I changed the newsstream. Not only to make my work easier (the newsstream displays info taken from the downloadpage nowadays so I have to make one page less) but also to give subscribers a bit of extra service.

The funny part:
So what some of you are upset about, which is not seeing certain news items, is something you did not see anyway in the last year!
A thing that changed for you, the free non-paying website user, is that you now see a counter displaying all releases and updates you are missing out on. And have been missing out on for a year or so already.

Lets make something clear:

Not one of our pages is behind a paywall!
Guests, members and subscribers all have the same access to any downloadpage.

The real difference is that subscribers can see more updates and releases in the newsstream and can sort our files by date, while those who are not subscribers can access the same pages but they do not see them in the news, neither find them by sorting the file lists by date. You have to search yourself in other ways to find updates (yes, I actually make you work for your gaming needs ... ).

Does this info matter:
I fully understand any extra information and explanation I give about my decissions related to my website are lost to those who can only spread negative and false rumors, if not even complete lies, about Armaholic.
But Armaholic supports content creators by spreading their work so you, the person who probably does nothing for the Arma community but playing games, can enjoy that released work.
And that is all what matters, the people who create stuff to use in-game and for them I am making sure the correct information about the new newssytem is shared here on Armaholic, in a place where all public can read it without having to go through all kind of lies and false info.

Which brings me to the last point.
When I build the new newstream I figured I had to do more for content creators in return. So I have developed a system which will give content creators, which we find are eligible, 30 days free access to our subscriber features which will be renewed without limits as long as the content creator updates his existing work or releases new material.

Once an author visits our website, is logged in, his content pages are assigned to his account and he has released (update or new) anything recently his account will automatically be upgraded and he will recieve a PM with information about the upgrade.

Now, to prevent people from abusing the system we need to approve authors to get access. Many authors out there who have an account here will be upgraded as I see their updates. But when you feel you, as an author, are eligible to the Author subscription system and you have released any material (new or updated) in the previous 30 days you can simply send me a to discuss it.
Do not contact me yet! The feature is not yet activated so I wont be able to change anything. Once it is ready and enabled I will update this topic and from that point authors can request Author subscriber access.

This topic will stay locked for some time to not allow certain people/groups to post here discussing my way of running my website.
You are still welcome to ask me anything about the subscriber system, so when you have any questions or would like some more information you can simply me.

PM's send to discuss my decissions or what not are not read and bin'ed quicker than you can type or even copy/paste.

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