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Known Issues

( so far ! )

  • A3 Wounding System by [TcB]-Psycho-

  • version-15102016

    In this mission i 'm using the ais injury script and generally it's my favourite revive script from the time i started playing arma , so i 'm using this for a long time ,

    BUT ,

    there is a buggy behaviour on respawning without a scroll menu.

    When it happens , if you click to respawn again ,then it's working again ,back to normal.

    I have seen this problem with ais , from the whole time .

    With the Zombies and demons is not that compatible , almost not at all ! ,

    it is working for the NPCS and for whatever else injury .

    TIP: If you are on bleeding mode and cannot move , then if you press C or if you had equip when you where hit an AT launcher , also if you press 1,2,3 maybe you will be able to stand up and walk .

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