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#197521 Posted at 2017-06-27 10:29        
Thank you very much for your support and no problem about !

Just i would like to ask if it is possible :

to make a post also in the Bi forum topic , so for the others to have a notification about ,

because the download link , is only available in the Armaholic .

Also i have update on the front page the : Short description and the Preview picture , so to be the same as in here and on Bi forum.

Thanks again for everything!!



  • This mission will generate Objectives on Villages and Towns , generally to the points of interest that the map has
    (Locations = NameCity , NameCityCapital , NameMarine , NameVillage , NameLocal , Hill , Mount , Airport).
    When the whole objectives are complete (no more areas) ,the mission will over .

  • Objective
    The objective , will be marked with a circle .
    You need to clear the area from the enemies.
    When the objective is done , there will be a flag also to teleport back to the Base , or to the MHQ (mobile headquarters)

    This is self explanatory
    3 Game modes to choose
    A. Clear Area , ( Suggested for Zombies )
    B. Clear Area + Destroy Communication tower ( Suggested for NPCS )
    C. Capture + Hold Area ( Only for NPCS )

    At the base you will find :
  • MHQ truck
  • Helicopter
  • Containers
  • Ammobox Crate
  • Flag

  • MHQ
    The MHQ truck , is marked on the map with a yellow marker.
    When the MHQ is deployed:
    you will get an option to teleport to the base and from the flag of the Base, back again to MHQ .
    Some containers, quadbikes and a boat will be available to accomplish the objective.
    The containers on the Base and also from the MHQ , can be use for the support.
    The MHQ and the containers are sling loadable with a Helicopter.
    If the MHQ is destroyed , it will respawn on the Base and there will be a notification about.

    The Helicopter , is marked on the map with a yellow marker.
    You can use the Helicopter to sling load the MHQ and the containers.
    If the Helicopter is destroyed , it will respawn at the Base and there will be a notification about.

    The containers at the Base and also from the MHQ , can be use for the support.
    There is the whole variety:
    Repair, Refuel, Rearm and Medical
    They are sling loadable with a Helicopter.

    Ammobox Crate
    The Ammobox Crate at the Base , will have some weapons and also if the survival mode is enabled (hero survive),
    there will be also the option for Buy - sell survival items.
    In the mission parameters ,at the "extra mission options" ,
    there is the option to enable the virtual arsenal for the Ammobox Crate.

    The Flag at the Base , has an option to teleport to the MHQ and to Halo Jump ,if the Halo Jump is enabled in the mission parameters.

    Mission Parameters

    There are 8 paragraphs in the mission parameters.
    There are a lot of options to select , so to have a Modular Environment.

    ***CAUTION*** Your selections may have effect on the performance

    It is possible to enable everything , but have in mind that for every extra thing
    you will enable , there might be an FPS drop .
    Mainly : every extra , unit, vehicle, object or effect will count on the performance.
    For the Units , it is possible to count them by clicking in game ,0-0-1 (count units).

    Just because every PC is not the same, it is possible to manage the performance ,
    by making the correct selections according to your system and also there will be
    a Great change, on the map that you are using.


    1.Environment Settings
    2.Music + Extra Sounds
    3.Player Settings
    4.Killfeed Settings
    5.Civilians Settings
    6.Roaming AI Settings
    7.Enemy Settings
    8.Game Settings

    2.Music + Extra Sounds

    The Situtional music script from Democore ,
    is enabled by the default settings in the mission parameters ,
    but even if it is enabled from the hoster ,
    still you can adjust and disable this , with the standard music arma 3 options ,
    [ press esc , configure , audio , music ] .

    8.Game Settings

    Loot Probability :
    There is the option to select the loot probability , according to the map selected and preference.
    If the map you are using , is a large map like Altis for example , you may want to set this to lower ,
    because it may have effect on the performance.
    The selection for the loot , is the Vanilla or CUP items and also the heros survive.


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