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#198109 Posted at 2017-09-30 16:04        
V 0.4.0(Oct 1st)

Updated on workshop:Workshop link

Add weapon:

Type 56 assult rifle(Chinese AK)

weapon details:
-with morden era customized parts
-2 version, one scope forward install, and one rear install
-can be attached the customized laser/flashligh attachment for CS/LS2 on side rail
-compatible with the AK mags from villian Arma3, NiArms, RHS and CUP(if you do not want use these ammo, you do not need to install these mods)



-兼容NiArms, RHS和CUP的AK弹匣如果不想用这些弹匣不需要安装这三个mod)

NOTE: all the uniforms, vest and headgears are not in this mod, they are only used for make screenshots, if you want them, go check VSM gears and CUP mod, and thanks for their great works so that I could make these screenshots!

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