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I would like to make a series of missions where the player plays as a US army officer in charge of a squad reinforcing CDF (Chernarus Defense Force). For Opfor I need soldiers with generic uniforms and no country badges or identification utilizing eastern equipment. I would like the Opfor units to utilize extended classes such as grenadier and assistant machinegunner. The only two I've found so far are CHkdzk 2014 and Lingor ARL units. Neither of these utilize groups such as motorized and mechanized. I do like the look of Lingor ARL units (The officer looks like a ww2 German officer). However, with Lingor ARL I have to custom make certain soldier classes and there is still the problem of them not having premade groups such as motorized and mechanized. Does anyone have a possible idea on what I could use? If only there was a way to remove the RU soldier's uniform badges I could just use RU soldiers. Any help would be appreciated.

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