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#199144 Posted at 2018-05-05 09:46        
Advertising rules.

1- only our subscribers (more info) can post in the advertising section. The public can read these posts but not post themselves.
The normal rules against any kind of advertising still apply with the exception of this forum section and our subscribers.

2- One subscriber is only allowed one advertising topic (that indeed means multiple subscribers can post about the same, but each in their own topic).

3- You are only allowed one new post per week (that is one post each 7 days!) which you can add to your own topic.

4- When you wish to start a new topic you first contact Foxhound by . He will then tell you how to do things! Doing anything before awaiting his reply will result in you loosing the right to advertise.

5- Do not make any posts in advertising topics of other subscribers, not for any reason!
Only the topic starter is allowed to post in his/her advertising topic! Posts made by another subscriber account will be removed.

6- No discussion about these rules. If you do not agree with any of our rules save yourself the trouble and simply do not post on the forums!

7- In addition to all the above also the main forum rules apply.

8- Breaking any of our rules will result in your topic being locked without the chance to start a new advertising topic with your subscriber account.

9- when a users cancells his subscription also his advertisement topic will be removed

When you have any questions about the above, our main rules or anything else related to advertising please contact Foxhound by .

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