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#199204 Posted at 2018-05-20 14:12        
# schackaschacka : Hello,

if the patient is in the revive state, how much CPR's may/can i do? Should i execute CPR until the patient gets a pulse rate over 40? Or as long as the patient is not responisve?

In normal life, the CPR can be done until the patient gets a normal breathing, i think this should be around pulse rate of 40?

Which states does exist? (Explanation/Declaration)


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Basically you only keep them alive with CPR, you need to treat the person. By stoping the bleeding, giving them IV, epinephrine shot. So it only gives you more time and it depend on the misson/server setting how long that timer is, it might also be set at a maximum amount of times a player can be in unconscious