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#199249 Posted at 2018-05-30 08:25        
Hello ! I am FAMAS 80 french addonmaker for myself and I have a lot of fun creating or transposing 3D models on ARMA. I participated in the french mod "MAF". I'm trying to transpose a B24 Liberator on ARMA 2 / OA. The config.cpp and the model.config run on another plane that I transposed and that works. All elements such as the landing gear or the flaps or horizon work properly. I have a texture problem that appears on buldozer and that probably makes the game crash after placing the addon in the editor. I tried different format of textures, with paa the object is visible in buldozer but in tga or pac I have a message and buldozer stops.

The first message appears in buldozer with the paa texture :

the second message appears in buldozer with the texture in pac or tga :

can anyone help me solve this problem?
Thank you for your answers.

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