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#199412 Posted at 2018-07-02 18:56        
Hello everyone

I hope that some of you guys are still playing ArmA 2. We are about to release in the next few days an SP mission pack for CWR2 MOD

Description: Cold War has gone hot. As a rank-and-file soldier witness the titanic clash of the Warsaw Pact and the NATO bloc raging from Norwegian Arctics in the north to Turkish Anatolia in the south and from the Kurile Islands in the east to the Faeroes in the west.

• 19 diverse scenarios;
• a nostalgic OFP-style mission design;
• all missions contain intro, outro, overview, external sounds, and scripts;
• custom overview images and loading screens;
• custom voice-acting and radio traffic;
• full-fledged cutscenes for every mission;
• plenty of music, both OFP's and third-party;
• intense combined-arms action - armor, mortars, artillery, attack aircraft are all around;
• real-life tactics and SOPs (within the engine’s limitations, of course);
• custom background stories, based on the real-life 1980s Warsaw Pact and NATO military concepts;
• selectable weapons and ammunition for most of the scenarios.

Game version: ArmA 2 CO, tested on versions 1.63 and 1.62
Authors: nettrucker, batteriefuhrer.

DLC required: BAF, PMC (as required by the CWR²)

Addons required:
Cold War Rearmed² v. 1.5.1
CWR² VMF expansion v. 1.5
CWR² VDV expansion v. 1.5
CWR² NVA expansion v. 1.5
CWR² BW expansion v. 1.5
CWR² UK expansion v. 1.5
CWR² NL expansion v. 1.5
CWR² NO expansion v. 1.5
CWR² DK expansion v. 1.5
CWR² Winter terrains v. 1.5
CWR² Canard v. 1.5,
CWR² Drachenfels v. 1.5
CWR² Eilte v. 1.5
CWR² Poseidon v. 1.5
CWR² St. Adam v. 1.5
CWR² St. David v. 1.5

In case some of you guys are still playing then check this pack out.
We keep this thread updated.

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