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#199434 Posted at 2018-07-07 18:45        
Hey there,

I am in need for voice actors to give my almost finished SP ace sniping/stealth/assassination mission the final touch.

My aim for this mission is immersion so voice acting would be very sweet.

Operation 'Geckohunt'

SEAL Team THREE Sniper Team, call sign 'Eagle', is on its way to Feruz Abad Base, where Colonel Aziz (call sign 'Gecko') of the Army of Takistan is heading to. 'Eagle' must assassinate 'Gecko'.

In this mission sniper team 'Eagle' has to infiltrate the AO to do a few small tasks and finally eliminate the target via long range.


Eagle One - Sniper - Sgt. Andrew Pattons - Done!

Eagle Two - Spotter - Lt. John Carter - Done!

Wizard - HQ - Done!

Orion One - Extraction Chopper - Done!

Orion Two - Escort Chopper - Open!

Narrator - Newsreporter - Done!

The mission features a bit of smalltalk between Eagle One and Eagle Two, plus radio communication with Wizard and Orion.

I am looking for english speaking people preferably US accent but australian/uk e.g. will do fine too.

I have the script ready and would love if someone is interested.

If anyone wants to get a feel for the mission first, I have a late beta access ready to go.
(ARMA2OA+ACE2,Gl4+ZeusAI compatible)



I got all my voice actors, except Orion Two.
Still looking for beta testers too.

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