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Hey everyone!

Haven't been on the forums in a long time, but I have a quick question. I've been through the manuals for this mod a few times, but I can't find this information. I primarily play SP or with small groups of friends and I love this mod (ALIVE) because of the fact that I don't know for sure whats over the next hill... My question should be simple. I would like to set up a mission in SP where I have control of a Long Range Recon Patrol who gets inserted behind enemy lines with the goal of locating and passing information back to base. I've got all my mods setup to accomplish this but my biggest question is will the AI commander on my side actually respond based on my reports? It's not super important because in theory I'll be in and out before anything is done about it I'm sure. I'm just curious to know if my reports actually make a difference to the AI or is it more a MP thing.