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Hey everyone,

Noticed that this wonderfull script that allows you to operate logistics in ARMA 3 is not longuer developped despite the interest of the community. In the many posts dedicated to the igiload script I noticed many passionated people that actually managed to make it work with different moded units. This Topic is an attempt to centralize these works and gather the community together to hopefully create enough momentum for this script to be supported once more and for the community of people like myself who are not in to scripting to enjoy the full potential of this script with our favourite addons in Arma 3.

An example of this potential is the RHS mod and the USAF mod, lovely vehicles with lovely planes like the C17 & C5 with enough room to carry MBTs on large maps like Australia, this wonderfull script is the link in between the hard work of the moders, scripting gurus and the increasing number of people passionated about logistics.

Main links to igiload
Download script here:
igiload dedicated website:
Bohemia forum dedicated topic:

In a nutchel if you have managed to successfully modify igiload script to work with other mods, please send me your .sgf file and I will make it available here to the community.

Below is the first script modification to get the ball rolling, please come along and play so great work like the igiload script may survive and be used extensively by the community.

Terminator2107 posted he's work for the HEMTT & the HURON containers on the 9th of march 2017 - I have not teste this yet - Link to download: Download Link

DieselJC offered he's work for the RHS mod trucks in jun 2017 - Will try to contact him and post back accordingly:

All credits to the authors, I am just gathering information, making it available and there is no better place than armaholic for this!

With best regards,


RHS & USAF mod