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#200090 Posted at 2019-01-14 18:08        
If you like this scenario, please rate it on Steam! Thank you for the support! :-)

v. 1.1 Changelog:

- ADDED: OFP-style outro cutscene;
- ADDED: the enemy now provides a MLRS-strike when "frustrated" by player's action;

- CHANGED: the location of the final objective now be revealed only when the 1-st and the 2-nd objectives are completed;
- CHANGED: Player's and friendly tankmen geal loadout;
- CHANGED: the number of enemy manpad ATGMs significally reduced;
- CHANGED: hostile armoured vehicles has been covered better and covered by the camonet in come cases.
- CHANGED: hostile infantry units now tries to find cover at their positions;
- CHANGED: subordinated tankmen now will not leave their vehicles, even immobilized;
- CHANGED: JTAC's SUV moved nearby their initial position;

- FIXED: objective 2 may end before friendly forces reach the village;
- FIXED: enemy armoured reinforcements coming too early;
- FIXED: some needless debug triggers has been removed;
- FIXED: the C4-trap in the village now works;