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Informations :

1. Units_Array.sqf ,
in order to change the Units to Custom , for example : RHS ,

you need to edit the Units_Array.sqf . The is a full list of possible units sorted , like infantry , reckon , SF , pilots, divers etc.
Once you add your custom Units and you don't need to add everything , like you can only edit the divers for example and spawn only
divers and nothing more and in order to do this , ( -check below )

2. GF_Auto_Population_Spawn_Settings.sqf ,
these are the spawned desired Unit settings ,

you can select from the full list as it is , with the randomisation of the _case ( random ) number , up to which number of this list ,
the cases for the spawns.
This means that there are apparently exacly , 85 different cases , with the Sea spawns , else 77.

You can edit this list by your neads.

By saying , an example would be to spawn only , the( simple ) Infantry for example and the Vehicles_Land

example :

_Spawn_List = selectrandom[

//____________________________ Units ____________________________

//____________________________ Infantry_Man ____________________________

//____________________________ Vehicles ____________________________

//____________________________ Vehicles ____________________________

3. GF_Auto_Population_Locations_Settings.sqf
will select the desired spawn location ,

there are a lot of possible selection and you can also randomize this , though, the best options are suggested inside and ther are also
water positions available , but if the selected spawns are divers and boats , i have them by default to be spawn on water ,
no mater the selected spawn position .

4. GF_Auto_Population_Blacklist_Zone.sqf ,
there are 5 blacklist zone added

and this will work by placing the included markers in the editor , but without changing the size of the markers , because the settings
for this are in the main settings.
It is possible to edit this and add more zones and with their markers in the editor.
In case that the Zones are not needed, they can be deleted from the editor , without needed to get deleted in the .sqf .

5. GF_Auto_Population_Main_Settings.sqf
Here are the main settings ,

and there are also incude the settings for the two extra scripts :

GF_Auto_Random_Loadout Script
GF_Units_Map_Markers_and_Symbols Script

I think everything in the GF_Auto_Population_Main_Settings , is well commented and clear.

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