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#200346 Posted at 2019-04-02 11:11        

The waiting is over, for real now! :-D

It has taken way longer than expected but everytime I thought I'm done with everything, some new issue popped up. And just as I write this, another small bug appeared. A true neverending story it seems.

With this new version of CWR², the download is split into 7 parts to make life a bit easier for people with weak connections. It also makes updating the Mod easier because not the whole thing must be uploaded when only one pbo has changed.

The installation remains the same, only that you now must extract 7 archives instead just one.

You can get the new version here.

The Expansions are updated as well and will be released one by one after some more quick testing. The addition Terrains remain the same. For the Expansions and Terrains please see the official downloads page.