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#200383 Posted at 2019-04-10 23:27        
Resolved: Somebody on the ArmA Discord explained to me that double-clicking brings it to the fore. Problem solved :-| :-| :-| :-| Something I should have known from reading the manual!

I am using WarMod, and everything is going great. However I have one problem: ever since I installed it the notepad in the corner of the map/mission briefing screen is much, much too small to read. It's completely illegible. This was not a problem before I installed the mod.

I know WarMod has many UI features and that is probably what is causing it. However it has so many that it would be very tedious to figure out what is causing it. Perhaps the resizing was intended for much lower resolution PCs, but in any case it makes it impossible to read. I have done nothing to mess with ArmA other than install this mod, so I have to assume it would happen to anyone else who installed the mod, as well. Any suggestions?

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