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#200477 Posted at 2019-05-18 11:20        
Hello Wolle

Thanks for the update to version 1.6 my congrats to you. may I ask where I could send eventual bug reports? I was replaying our mission pack with version 1.6 and I got some error messages popping up. The second mission of the pack just causes after a while that Arma stops working and I have to reboot the game. In another mission, I had a config error popping about a vehicle which has been removed. I'm still at the beginning of the test. Sorry, I might be late with that but I had no time before to do that.
Thanks once again for the update.

p.s. went on the CWR website and you encouraged us to report bugs in this thread here on Armaholic. I will use that to report eventual bugs I come across.

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