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#200478 Posted at 2019-05-18 18:37        

Nowadays, time is a big problem for most of us. At some point you grew up and realize the Bohemians aren't that important anymore. :-D

I really wonder what I did this time that's causing so many problems. Especially since in v1.5 they were not present.

For Bugreports:
#1 - I prefer bug reports by email because there I have them all the time without logging in somewhere. And I can get back to people directly

#2 - A post here in this thread works well too.

#3 - A comment on the website, though I often don't stop by there for a week or longer. And many people there using fake emails so getting back to them only causing additional work for me.

So, if anyone wants their bug report read - send them by email. ;-)