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#200878 Posted at 2019-11-27 15:45        

Release Mod JackFrench

French faction for arma 3

Official release 11/11/2014 du Mod JackFrench

Version: 20191127_331JF

(release du 27/11/2019 )


  • Author Website: :
  • Version : 20191127_331JF
  • Signed : yes
  • Server key : yes
  • Requirements: Arma 3 Apex
  • Side : Blufor
  • Faction : JackFrench
  • included files jackfrench.pbo and jackfrench_apex.pbo
  • Mod JackFrench JackFrench is made available according to the terms of the
    Licence Creative Commons Attribution - No Commercial Use
    Based on a work of
    download link on this page : modjackfrench
    thank you to all of you !

    change log
    Addition VT 4 Multicam Antenna (HQ Transmission), VT 4 Woodland
    Addition Multicam radio operator, woodland, tropic
    Addition Operator Drone ED-1D Mine Clearance
    Addition Drone operator ED-1E transceiver electromagnetic spectra.
    Adding Hemtt tray and multicam freight
    Correction textures Hemtt repair, cargo
    French voice
    Adding Nurse Desert Bag
    Resume some textures

    File submitted on the armaholic home page today(be careful to take the new url: